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Selection of spring isolator for rotary vane vacuum pump


1. Good choice of spring type isolator for Kade rotary vane vacuum pump.

Generally, self-supporting spring damper is chosen, which has the advantages of simple structure and low cost; the spring is exposed to the outside, so it is convenient to observe the state of the spring at any time. The spring to be replaced is disposed in advance to avoid excessive damage to the spring corrosion, resulting in sudden settlement of the vacuum pump equipment damage and pipeline breakage and other phenomena.

2, the choice of spring:

General shock absorber manufacturers choose springs to meet the following requirements: spring diameter should not be less than 0.8 times the height of the rated load; spring must have a certain additional stroke, vortex flowmeter at least equal to 50% of the rated static deflection; spring horizontal stiffness at least 100% of the rigidity to ensure the stability of the shock absorber.

3. The choice of deflection of spring shock absorber.

Normally the spring damper nominal deflection (spring nominal compression) of the arch proposed by the damper manufacturer is generally 25MM, which can be applied to the vibration isolation of a vacuum pump at 650 revolutions per minute. When the speed is below 650, JAD Reid recommends the use of 40 spring deflection isolators.